About ICB

ICBは、世界視点で自分や社会を見つめられる女性の為のブランド。多様でありながら、潔い。伝統を尊重しながら新しい。そして何よりも、自分らしい。現代の女性の秘めた意思を感じさせる服「ICB」はSharp & Modernを基本テイストに、洗練されたスタイリッシュでエレガントなスタイルを提案しています。

International Concept Brand (ICB) is a brand designed for women who view themselves and society from a global perspective. Despite being complex individuals, these women are graceful and self-assured. They keep pace with contemporary trends while still maintaining their respect for tradition. Above all, they are unique. ICB's main concept is "Sharp & Modern". ICB fashions evoke the inner confidence of contemporary women while offering sophisticated, fashionable, and elegant style.

Season conceptAW 2017



2017年FALL & WINTERは雪の積もった山頂、氷山を目指します。








Fall/Winter 2017 takes the ICB girl to new heights. Worldly and courageous, always exploring new horizons, She finds herself amongst snowcapped summits and icy peaks this season.

Snowcapped mountains are dressed up with glare ice under the clear sky, twinkling snowflakes smoothing the surface of snow is fully encapsulated in glaze on a high altitude with transparent atmosphere. Strong texture of satin velvet, hairy raccoon, mohair, and sheared fur materials are highlighted on serene but an expanse of pure nature. The composition of light mist green color, gradient gray from fog, and a blend of silver and blue tones on a snowy mountain express the sparkling icicle that was inspired by the colors of nature.